09 December 2012

Character in The Texas Hill Country

I love the Texas Hill Country! We have a friend, Lewis Dickson, who grows grapes and makes wine near San Marcos, Texas. His vineyard, La Cruz de Comal, is open for wine tasting on weekends. Lewis' sense of architecture is consistent with his principals of winemaking - both express the land from which they come. The unique and homey tasting room is built from limestone and cedar quarried and hewn from his vineyard. I took a picture of this wall in the tasting room because I was intrigued by the design:

In the picture above, the gable above the window is the frame for the small casita, or guest house, that he built first. When it was time to build the tasting room a few years later, Lewis built a taller, wider gable right in front of the casita. He plastered the space between the vertical supports, above the casita's gable, and to the sides. The result is a tasting room with lots of character!

Character also describes Lewis' wine. The wine is made purely from Texas grapes, with no additives of any sort - it is Texas wine made to taste like Texas wine! Lewis will pour you a glass of wine himself. While you're enjoying your wine, ask Lewis to tell you a story, any story; ask him to read the phone book -- I promise you'll be entertained. He's quite a character! Visit his website at for more information.

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